The Motels To Guest On The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell Wednesday October 25th, 2017

The Motels will be a guest on The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell live on Wednesday October 25th, 2017 from 3-5 pm ET | 12-2 pm PT at Radio | Visit
The Motels on The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell
The Motels on The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell


NEW YORK – Oct. 19, 2017 – PRLog — The Motels will be a featured guest on The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell live radio/tv show hosted by King of Cool Jimmy Star along with Cool Man About Town Ron Russell to discuss their new single “Lucky Stars,” their November 1st show at The Ridgefield Playhouse,  their career and the entertainment industries at large. The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell is tv/radio’s coolest hit show, featuring the coolest in music, entertainment, fashion and pop culture, all from a fun industry insider perspective in a completely live, unedited fast-paced two-hour conversational format.

Her voice is unique, unmistakable and timeless – The Los Angeles Times’ Robert Hilburn called her “arguably the most charismatic female performer in rock.”

The Hollywood Reporter wrote: Martha Davis, of the Motels, was still strong in voice and admirably delivered hits like “Only The Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer” at the Hollywood Bowl.

For Martha Davis, the most important thing has always been the songs she writes. Martha began writing songs at the age of 15. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, she moved to Los Angeles in the early ’70s, along with the first incarnation of The Motels. The band, Marty Jourard, Jeff Jourard, Michael Goodroe, and Brian Glascock signed to Capitol Records in 1979.

The Motels recorded six records for Capitol. Their self-titled debut was greeted with positive critical reviews in 1979 and exploded in Australia on the strength of the #2 Pop single, “Total Control” (which was later covered by Tina Turner for the We Are the World album. In 1982, the Motels released All Four One; the smash single “Only The Lonely” rocketed into the Top 10, immediately propelled the album to gold status and truly broke The Motels in the United States. The group dominated the music scene and was voted Best Performance for “Only The Lonely” at the 1982 American Music Awards. 1983’s Little Robbers album went gold on the Top 10 single “Suddenly Last Summer”.

Martha left center stage to work on various collaborations with artists including Ivan Neville, Arthur Barrow (Frank Zappa), Jeff Daniel, Kiki Dee, Richard Feldman, to write songs for a new musical for the Civic Light Opera. Capitol then reissued an expanded and remastered edition of the All Four One album, which contained previously unreleased bonus tracks.

In the Fall of 2000, The Motels Anthology was released, a first ever double disk of rarities, B-sides, soundtrack cuts, as well as live performances. Additionally, Martha Davis had several independent publishing deals, including one with DreamWorks SKG, wrote a children’s album and a jazz album. In 2005, Martha, recording and touring, brought on 3 of the current members of the Motels, Eric Gardner, Clint Walsh and Nicholas Johns. By 2012, original member Marty Jourard once again brought his saxophone to the band. Also joining the band at that time was bass player Brady Wills.

2013 proved to be an exciting year for the band, new recordings, a busy touring schedule in the US, and a return to Australia! In addition, the band was honored to perform at the NAMM convention. Later in the year, the band enjoyed a 4th of July headline show as the closing band for the final night of the San Diego/Del Mar County Fair.

The next 3 years brought national tours, with the greatest number of shows since 1985. In 2015, in addition to their touring, the band started working on their new album that will be released in the near future titled “The Last Few Beautiful Days.”

The Jimmy Star Show is pleased to showcase the expertise and talent of The Motels and all anticipate a fun and informative time talking with them about their career and the entertainment industries at large. Join King of Cool Jimmy Star, and Cool Man about Town Ron Russell as they have a playful and sometimes wild time with the talented featured guest!

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The Motels at Breathless Resort – Punta Cana – PT 2

We are so happy to announce that no damage was sustained at the resort, after hurricane Maria passed and everyone is ok in their location! At this time – we are going to celebrate the 80’s in the Sand! It would be such a great opportunity for many of us to support the islands after the hurricanes. Together we can enjoy the all-inclusive hotel, great music and help them know we are there for them as well! Will you join us?

Punta Cana jpeg

The Motels at Breathless Resort – Punta Cana

Tonight our thoughts are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Maria. We will keep you posted as to how the 80’s In The Sand concert will be affected. If the path changes and the island and resort are spared – we hope you will all join us for an amazing week of music and celebration. Tourism will be welcomed beyond words and The Motels would love your attendance. So come Relive the Greatest Decade in History on Nov.11 -18, 2017 in the Dominican Republic. We take the stage on Friday, Nov 17th. Come listen to and meet some of the greatest80s Icons, while you enjoy this beautiful all inclusive resort. We hope to see you there!15844662_694947287352715_6612494183318427789_o


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Catching Up With Martha Davis From ‘The Motels’ And The Release Of The Upcoming Album‘ The Last Few Beautiful Days’.

Singer and Songwriter Martha Davis From The Motels.

We recently caught up with Martha Davis from The Motels to talk about new music (the new album ‘The Last Few Beautiful Days’ is set to be released early next year and new singles are expected this fall). She also spoke about her inspirations growing up — and her thoughts on sustaining a successful music career for many years. It was an honor interviewing such a talented artist who has made such an impact on music. Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Martha! For starters, it is really lovely to e-meet you. Let’s talk about your amazing career so far. How did ‘The Motels’ first get together?

The original Motels started in Berkeley CA, just before Halloween in the grand old year of 1971. My friend Lisa Brenneis said she’d been playing with these guys and they needed a singer and she kinda dared me to come join the band. After 3 rehearsals, our first gig took place on Halloween night at an artists consortium in San Francisco. I remember a naked man painted blue dancing in front of me. A strange first gig!

Who were some of your influences growing up?

So many influences! Igor Stravinsky when I was 5 ish, Negro Spirituals when I was around 8, musicals when I was 11, R&B and Soul when I was 12 through to my teen years. A little folk; Buffy St Marie, Odetta thrown in — but the game changer was David Bowie, when I was around 20, he combined so much of what I loved. God I miss him!

Where were you, when you first heard ‘The Motels’ on the radio and when did it really hit you, that your life was about to dramatically change?

We were in a taxi just leaving the airport on our first tour in Boston, Massachusetts and they played ‘Dressing Up’ — our tiny minds were blown!

One of my personal favorite era’s in music was the 80s because it was and always be so fun and unique. How do you feel about the changes that have happened to the music industry over the years — like CDs slowly dying out and everything being digital. Also, how these days, anyone can produce something if they have a laptop:

There have been some wonderful high points in music. It’s not a constant thing, it will be fantastic then get kind of mundane. Usually because, the record companies will see dollar signs in an act — take Nirvana, then try and emulate the style thinking that will bring more $, but it will just be watered down Nirvana. Every decade has it’s golden periods, it’s an ebb and flow. However, what has happened to the business model, that is quite a different thing.

It is not an ebb and flow but a complete shift in the structure itself. For artists it’s tough, revenue has been vastly reduced, royalties are basically a thing of the past, most money is made touring and even that can be difficult. It’s the question of supply and demand — if a ton of people would really like to be a pop star, can make some damn good albums at home and they don’t care what they get paid — as long as they get to play (sometimes even “pay to play”). It then follows with the people hiring, will start paying less. Supply and demand, this is just natures way of forcing us to become more creative. If you don’t rise above, you will just quietly disappear!

What is your favorite song to perform?

The newest one.

Being a female, what have you learned the most about such a tough industry and what do you like to do in your down time?

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you’ve just gotta be good! And not be afraid of hard work.

Tell us about the new album and upcoming shows, including the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills:

The new album is…well, it sounds like Motels — but modern. You can dance to it and that includes waltz; it’s a journey, hard to describe, it’s my favorite so far. Motels live? always fun! Hard to talk about our own show, that’s for reviewers, right?

What would your best piece of advice be to up and coming artists trying to have a successful music career?

Don’t pay attention to “what’s happening in the biz”! Music is and should be a very personal thing! Write, write, write and while writing, get the hell out of your own way! Don’t think — feel.

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We thought we would spend a little time in the neighborhood, to learn a little about Tosa and this community that encourages familys and friends come out an enjoy music under the stars. We look forward to performing on Wednesday, the 12th!  Music starts at 6:00pm – Concerts are held rain or shine, but may be cancelled due to lightning or severe weather. So come on out and share the evening with us! The Motels look forward to seeing you!

AND PLEASE CHECK OUR PERFORMANCE DATES … there have been a couple of changes in our summer tour!