ok, this is me trying to have something that i relate to and can manage, it’s my new web site and as you can see it’s bare bones… soon i will have cool stuff, i’m actually getting excited… but for now most important is upcoming shows, want to keep you in the know…

there have been a million bios, some truer than others… i will write one, that is as true as i can remember… the truth is it is a collective memory… i ask any former members to add… as soon as i get the skills to add links, photos etc.  (i’m really lame) i will do so. 

bare with me, i don’t really like this world, it seems cold and i can’t see your eyes… but this is also where we are and it has also connected me with long lost friends… 

they say you can’t launch a web site without it being amazing… that may be true… but it’s not how it happens in nature… first a bud… then a bloom… good things to come, love…m.


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