Brixton bonanza!

I am so excited to get back to the Brixton! this friday July 20th… of late I have been doing a lot of cleaning, gone through the whole damn house cleaning closets rearranging, painting… you know trying to ward off entropy…. In doing so I have been finding a lot of old motel treasures, I’m thinking I’m going to pack up a few tasty morsels and bring them to the show, have a garage sale… a Motel market place… what cha think??  hope to see you friday…m.


14 thoughts on “Brixton bonanza!

  1. Hey Martha a Motels garage sale would be awesome! Bring some stuff to the Sacramento show. We will be there to see you!!!

    Rock on,

  2. hi ms. davis,
    caught your show at the brixton… and enjoyed it thoroughly…

    only found out about it the day before, stumbling upon it online… had to go… last time i saw your show was about 30 yrs ago at the greek theatre when i was with cashbox magazine!…

    anyway, glad to see you still got it!…

    all the best…

    p.s. do you ever perform “don’t tell me the time”?

  3. Great show last night. It was great meeting you afterwards. Like I told you last night – your voice sounds as amazing as ever. You were very gracious and the time you took to spend with your fans at that late hour was greatly appreciated.

  4. M.
    Graduated in 1983, I have so many good memories from highschool that include the motels. I’m looking toward to the show in Visalia in a few weeks, see ya then.

  5. Ms. Davis,
    I hope you have a blast at the Brixton on Friday. Oh if only I could attend, but sadly I cannot. If you have any of your garage sale items left, perhaps you will make them available to those of us fans that reside in the ether-net? Keep us posted please. 😀

    Best Regards,

    C. L. Colasont

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