New Orleans…

Sadly the show in New Orleans has been canceled… I’m so bummed, but that last hurricane decided that the Motels had to wait to visit that beautiful city… hope to get there soon…m.


8 thoughts on “New Orleans…

  1. Martha I am madly loving you and The Motels once again!, I’ve suddenly began listening to your music again, it makes me feel good, constantly humming your music at work, your voice calms me!

    Love to see you in or near Louisville!

    Michael Paul

    • well Damn! almost too sweet to eat!!! kidding… you are too kind, and yes I would love to get to Kentucky? some times there are duplicate city names in completely different states… thank you so much for your words, means a lot…m.

      • Hey M!, Thanks for the quick response!, I’m in the Derby City and kinda been out of the loop.?, Are you working on anything new or is there any recent material I should check out that you may have released? Xoxo Michael Paul

      • There were three releases in 2007, Beautiful Life, This, and Clean Modern and Reasonable. Last year Apocalypso was released, the album that was never released by Capitol, that turned into All Four One, go to Omnivore Recordings, if you want to order… also an album called Atomic Cafe, live show recordings from the 80’s, there’s also a kids record, Red Frog Presents, 16 Songs for Parents and Children… If you have trouble finding them get back to me. thanks for the note…m.

  2. hi martha. just got back from canada. went to a lot of hmv stores and no motels cds in stock!!!. will try amazon. maybe have a word with your record company about the lack of motel cds!!!. come to the uk please!!!. take care. mark

    • Mark, sorry about the inconvenience, I know it’s difficult getting Motels product, Capitol has never released the all of the old albums… so it’s a bit of a pain. If you’re interested in the Apocalypso record, that’s available from Omnivore Recordings… go to there web site they have a store. I have copies of newer releases if you’re interested let me know… ebay is always worth a try… thanks for the support…m.

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