Hi gang, sorry I guess I’ve been on facation…( facebook vacation)… so little time, wasn’t really poolside with a fancy drink in my hand… so much going on, including of course the Hollywood Bowl coming right up on the 29th of Sept, which if you haven’t noticed is this month… which brings me to… where the HELL DID THIS YEAR GO?? … as I watch it “wind down” I would like to pass on a tiny message to the world… the politicians, the religions, the tribes, the cults, the 99%, the 1%, the farmers the corporations…people we all need to CALM DOWN… search for solutions not problems, look for the good instead of madly searching out the evil… work together rather than tear each other apart… sermon done, love you…m.

2 thoughts on “sept…

  1. Yes I agree . . What happen to world peace . . We are on the same side . . We just need to be happy with OURSELVES and then share with YOUR Higher Power and PASS ON TO OTHER CULTURAL SPIRITS . . IT really works and then if we continue working together . . IT WILL ALL FALL into PLACE . . Thanks . . Tracie Brown (of course – BIGGEST FAN since I was 18 – NOW 46 . . Love to hear from ya

  2. Thank you sooooo much for an awesome evening at the Hollywood Bowl last night! I was completely blown away by your performance. I hope to see you perform again soon ^_^

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