From Martha’s farm in Oregon…

From Martha's farm in Oregon








Such beautiful babies, aren’t they all… I have a lot to say about farming of which I’m a beginner, but man it means so much to know these guys and gals get what they need and want, as opposed to just what we need from them. In trying to understand the animal and that other animal, man, I realize we have always hunted and killed to eat, then it got to where we could domesticate an animal enough where there was no fight, they trusted, had pastures were taken care of then killed… one species surviving on the other… happens all the time… a bald Eagle working our neighborhood took out four of our ducks, and I’m a bit afraid for the small dogs… it’s nature, and if you learn one thing farming, it’s that it’s not easy and not kind…. but there is beauty… life is sturdy and it’s fragile at the same time, we all have to know this… why some animals fail, after all attempts to keep them alive… and some flourish and bound…. this isn’t about farming, it’s about life. We have to do what we do to survive but we also have to find a way to flourish in the hopes of giving every one and every thing their right to live as they would, as they should… life as it was intended…. happy easter…m.


James Brown and Martha Davis! (Photo)

Martha Davis and James Brown!!








I remember that afternoon so well, it was in the san fernando valley at a restaurant called Le Cafe… thats where we were supposed to meet him… James Brown! The music that I grew up with, the most dynamic performer and incredible singer of our time… Nervous? hell yes! He was late, we waited… then a car pulled up and from behind the glass doors of the restaurant I saw him…
Fur coat to the floor, gold rings, diamond studded sunglasses and that smile… uncontrollable tears started rearranging my makeup and streaming down my cheeks… James Brown, the Godfather, no the God of all things soul… and Marty Jourard and I are having lunch. Still doesn’t seem possible… so we include a visual aid…m.

Martha Davis, Bette Midler, Wilson Pickett, and Lene Lovich!

Martha Davis, Bette Midler, Wilson Pickett, and Lene Lovich

The year was 1979. We, the (very young) Motels, were on tour in Europe. It was our first European tour… we had just signed with Capitol earlier that year, made an album and boom! there we were… London, Paris and on Oct. 18th, we found ourselves in Hamburg Germany, on the very popular TV show, Musik Laden. We preformed Total Control in front of a live audience as they filmed, and I remember being as scared as I look in the video. The most amazing thing was the line up for the show that day… it included Bette Midler, Lene Lovich, Wilson Pickett, and Sylvie Vartan. So not only were we culture shocked we were star struck!… -Martha

New Tour Dates!

2013 promises to be a very exciting year for Martha Davis and The Motels. Expect new recordings, music videos, and many live performances in the US and beyond. Leading off their 2013 touring schedule, Martha Davis & The Motels will perform at three seminal Southern California venues in early April, including:

April 5th at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills: Get Tickets –
April 6th at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano: Get Tickets –
April 7th at Sainte Rocke in Hermosa Beach: Get Tickets –
This is just the tip of the iceberg, with many more US and international tour dates to be announced. Stay tuned for more news, and if you’ll be in Southern California in April, get your tickets now!