“She sounds incredible” is the general consensus!

Martha Davis and The Motels in Lake Arrowhead

Awesome sentiment in this post we’re borrowing from the personal Facebook page of Martha Davis and The Motels manager, Greg Sims:

“What a privilege for me to represent one of the truly pioneering and great rock stars of the past several decades, but at heart really: singer/songwriter. That would be Martha Davis (and The Motels), and not only is her voice truly better than ever (all I hear is a chorus of “she sounds incredible”), but to have such great new music being created, as we speak, for the first new album in years, it’s all pretty awesome. New videos, new album with major distribution, a biography that will be a revelation. This past week’s concert was packed, amazing show, and great performance from opening band Pierce The Arrow- thanks to Brayden Pierce and Tom Sandoval and their band, and the talented Kristen Doute. Pretty smashing afterparty as well. All captured for airing on Vanderpump Rules later this season.”


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