“Only The Lonely” from All Four One


Did you know that the release of the music video for The Motels’ song, “Only The Lonely”, coincided with the emergence of MTV? Because of her performance in this video, Martha Davis won an award for “Best Performance in a Music Video” at the 1982 American Music Awards!


“It’s a Marty Party” – Martha takes a look back.


It's a Marty Party - Martha takes a look back.

“It was actually I think Marty’s 30th birthday party, and Marty, the keyboard and saxplayer in The Motels, was rather a name dropper, he loved to let us know the famous people, so I made his birthday party: “It’s a Marty Party. If you bring a celebrity, you don’t have to bring a gift.” And so all these people showed up: Molly Ringwald was there, Don Henley was there, Tom Petty was there. It was hilarious.” – m