Marty has a new book!!



So everyone should go pre order Marty’s new book on Gainesville Florida, his hometown. It’s about the music scene and the people that he grew up with. Check out the link below.




So, here’s what I know…
1. David Bowie is dead… it’s taken me days to understand this fact as I’ve been so excited about all of his new projects… I was ready for a new Bowie era.
2. I never got to meet him. I was always sure I would.
3. I have always held him responsible for my being in the music “biz”
4. I somehow managed to get myself to from California to New York to see the Diamond Dogs concert…it was 1974ish… I had shaved eyebrows, hot pants and platform shoes.
5. Much to the embarrassment of my children, I also dropped them off at school in hot pants, platform shoes, and zero eyebrows… and a very good “shag” haircut.
6. On Jan. 11th,  I woke at 4:00am. Went downstairs and turned on NPR, it’s what I do… there was the end of a story about David Bowie and the internet… I said to myself I’ll have to catch that story when it comes around again… because I love all things Bowie… the announcer then followed with, David Bowie dead at age 69… and that’s when surreal began.
7. There was no way to comprehend it, I tried to do some chores but was unable to connect any meaning to anything, so I went back to bed.
8. I fell asleep, and I had a dream… we were together, it was very sweet. We were friends maybe lovers… but not then…we were just being. Talking of condiments, mundane things… he was lovely, sweet and funny… it makes me cry now only because he truly meant so much to me.
9. There will never be another.
10. RIP Starman