If Not Now, Then When?

Today, the Anthology CD ‘If Not Now, Then When’ has dropped. It’s here! We are thrilled to start the journey this year with this 2-cd set. We have assembled a collection of extreme rarities for this CD. There are wonderful outtakes from our 2004 album ‘So The Story Goes’ and its 2008 follow-up album ‘Beautiful Life’. We are all so excited to begin this year, sharing a story with you all. It’s just the beginning of the journey this year! That I can promise. You can find “If Not Now, Then When’ at Amazon, Spotify, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and of course, check your favorite Indie Music Store!

AND…If you are anywhere near the Portland, OR area this Saturday, March 11th, we will be at Music Millennium at 3pm. I would love to see you there – Nic & Marty will be there with me and we will have the CD available. See more at: http://www.newreleasesnow.com/album/the-motels–if-not-now-then-when#.WMI5_swcjx8.twitter‬

If Not Now Pic Jpeg


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