Red Frog Presents: 16 Songs For Parents & Children (Martha Davis Solo) (2010) Martha Davis – Red
Frog Presents: 16 Songs For Parents And Children
Finnias T. Rabbit
Dragon Soup
Professor Owl
She’s A Cow
Black Mamba
Francois The Flying Squirrel
Francis Bacon
Lady Spider
Hole Beneath My Bed
Red Frog

Atomic Cafe: Greatest Songs Live (2009) The Motels – Atomic Cafe
Atomic Cafe
Closets and Bullets
Total Control
People, Places and Things
Porn Reggae / The Big Hurt
Dressing Up
Days Are OK (But the Nights Are Made for Love)/Atomic Cafe (Version 2)
Bonjour Baby
Whose Problem?
Cry Baby
Party Professionals

Beautiful Life (Martha Davis Solo) (2008) Martha Davis – Beautiful Life
Watching The World Go By
Beautiful Life
Interlude #1
Let Me Fall
Life Alone
Deep End
The Rain
I Will Breathe
Interlude #2
When It’s Over
4_30 Friday


This (2008) The Motels – This
Last Of The Bohemians
Doesn’t Really Matter
The Day That Won’t Go Away
Let It Go
Where Oh Where
Now I’m Here
Everything Is Perfect
I’m Better Now
All The Rage



Clean Modern and Reasonable (2007) The Motels – Clean Modern and Reasonable
Take The L
Only The Lonely
Total Control
Some Things Never Change
Suddenly Last Summer


So the Story Goes (Martha Davis Solo) (2004)

Into Your Arms
True Love
By the Fire
So the Story Goes
Sweet Love
Where Are You Now
How It Has to Be
Torture Me
You Been Cut
Green Valley


Policy (Martha Davis Solo) (1987)
Tell It to the Moon
Just Like You
Heaven Outside My Door
Don’t Tell Me the Time
What Money Might Buy
Don’t Ask Out Loud
Harvest Park of a Broken Heart
My Promise



Shock (1985)
Annie Told Me
Icy Red
New York Times
State of the Heart
My Love Stops Here
Cries and Whispers
Night by Night

Little Robbers (1983)
Where Do We Go from Here (Nothing Sacred)
Suddenly Last Summer
Isle of You
Trust Me
Monday Shut Down
Remember the Nights
Little Robbers
Into the Heartland
Tables Turned



All Four One (1982) The Motels – All Four One (Remastered)
Mission of Mercy
Take the L
Only the Lonely
Art Fails
Change My Mind
So L.A.
Tragic Surf
He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
Forever Mine
Suddenly Last Summer [*]
Shame [*]

Careful (1980)
Bonjour Baby
Party Professionals
Days Are OK (But the Nights Were Made for Love)
Cry Baby
Whose Problem?
People, Places and Things
Slow Town



Motels (1979)
Total Control
Love Don’t Help
Closets and Bullets
Atomic Cafe
Porn Reggae
Dressing Up




Closets and Bullets (1979)
Total Control (1979)
Anticipating (1980)
Danger (1980)
Whose Problem (1980)
Days are OK (1981)
Mission of Mercy (1982)
Only the Lonely (1982)
Take the L (1982)
Forever Mine (1982)
Art Fails (1983)
Suddenly Last Summer (1983)
Remember the Nights (1983)
Footsteps (1984)
Little Robbers (1984)
In the Jungle (1984)
Shame (1985)
Shock (1985)
Icy Red (1985)
Love and Affection (1986)
Shame on You (1987)
We’ve Never Danced (1987)
Don’t Tell Me the Time (1987)
Tell it to the Moon (1988)
Just Like You (1988)
Don’t Ask Out Loud (1988)
What Money Might Buy (1988)
No Reservations (1988)
No Vacancy (1990)
Anthologyland (2001)
Classic Masters (2002)
The Best of (2003)
Essential Collection (2005)

Moscow on the Hudson (1984)
Teachers (1984)
Golden Child (1986)
Something Wild (1986)
Night of the Creeps (1986)
Soul Man (1986)
Made in Heaven (1987)
Miracle Beach (1992)
Mad House (1990)
Death Ring (1993)
A Smile Like Yours (1997)

Other Martha Davis Works
Madhouse (Soundtrack) (1990)
Omnium (2005)
A T. Rex Named Sue (2005)
That 80’s Merry Christmas Album (2006)




24 thoughts on “Discography

  1. Martha Davis’ remarkable voice is cosmic proof of the Divine! The skill she resonates, both by vox and by her unique song crafting conjuring, shall endure, along with the ancient songs to the Goddess Isis, throughout musical eternity. The Motels, as vital and creatively original as any band ever assembled, set the standard for infectious chords and riffs, and many of their electromagnetic performances are pure sonic monuments to artistic greatness. Thank you, Martha Davis & the Motels, for all of the pain and suffering over the years that left us lucky fans with the melodic and lyrical gifts of your creative genius.

  2. Where can you buy Red Frog Presents: 16 Songs For Parents & Children CD. I don’t want any mp3s, I would like the actual CD.

  3. martha davis pulled it thur for us rockers from the late 70,s when rock hit a lull the only good bands in the early 80,s was elvis c. and the motels, the go go,s

  4. Too bad that you do not mention the release on culture factory USA of all the Motels Capitol discography on CD vinyl replica with a cardboard sleeve. Very cool items and great sound.

    • Thank You Jean-Marc, I haven’t mentioned it because this is the first I’ve heard of it! I will do some research to make sure it is something that Capitol has licensed, and all is in order… there is stuff out there I don’t know about so thanks for the heads up…m.

  5. Pingback: Totally ’80s concert at the Hollywood Bowl (Bow Wow Wow, The Motels, Psychedelic Furs and the Go-Go’s) | Popbuff

  6. I forgot to say 1 important thing. It’s my oldest Daughter (12) Elena’s Birthday today. She is a big admirer of many of my favorite artists. Her Favorite is Stevie Nicks but she likes your music very much. She is my partner at all concerts. Thank you so much for this site to reach out to fans. And I would totally appreciate a Birthday wish to her.

  7. Ms Davis. I am 34 years old. I was a kid when you were out there with the band making awesome music. Today I was listening to “Only the Lonely” on the way to the office and my soul went on a Journey back into 1983 when I was a kid and I remembered things I had forgotten about. Music has such an impact on peoples lives and memories it’s amazing. Thank you for your wonderful music in such a wonderful era. I wish I was old enough to go to Hollywood and see the band perform at the Starwood and Madame Wong’s back then. Such a great time. Thank you so much. I am going to try my hardest to come see you at the Hollywood Bowl. If I cant I will hopefully see you in the future. Im a single dad of 3 girls and money gets tight sometimes. But I know I need to try to have fun and concerts are my favorite. Hope to see you at the bowl. Thanks

    • Hi Freddy, thank you so much for your note… I commend you on the most difficult and rewarding job there is… single parenting. I hope you can make it to the Bowl but so understand… don’t worry, we’ll be back, looks like we’ll be down in the LA area in Dec. I will post all shows, till then, carry on with courage…m.

    • unless we can get capitol or someone to rerelease it… i don’t know… i guess just check ebay to see if someone is getting rid of it, or maybe thrift stores. don’t even know if that ever came out on cd… hope you have a turn table… good luck…m.

  8. I loved Martha’s Policy record and always look for it on iTunes. I wish it’d be released digitally so I can buy it again! Same with her gorgeous song from the Made In Heaven soundtrack (the best part of the movie).

    • Thanks so much, we’re trying to get it re released…. We Never Danced is a beautiful Neil Young song, maybe it could be added as a bonus track if Policy gets put out?…m.

  9. Hey Martha,
    I was reading a comment by another fan about purchasing some of your music & wanted to let you know about a site called bandcamp.com there are a couple of artists I follow that use this site & it is really easy to use. I believe 90% of proceeds go to the artist…Love your music, just trying to figure out a way to get a copy of This & Beautiful Life 🙂
    Have a great day.

    • Thanks so much Gerald… I know, there is far too much for this tired mind to figure out… obviously I haven’t finished my web site… but it’s nice I can at least talk to people, the old web site was a nightmare. I promise to lock myself in a room soon… if somebody doesn’t do it for me… I am trying to set up a store, but it’s not ready yet, so stay tuned, and thanks again for your kindness…

  10. hey martha, you need to add Apocalypso to this page. you may also want to add the chart positions for the albums and singles. when i did the fansite (a long time ago) I looked up all that info … it’s now on wikipedia. hugs, alan

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