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  1. Hi Martha, I have been wanting to tell you this for years (literally many, many years). I got into you and the Motels back in the 80s – so that makes me ‘Mature’. When you released ‘Policy’ I bought the cd immediately – I love it. And this is the bit I want to share with you – the song “My Promise” has been my wake-up alarm since I can remember. That song, your smooth voice gets me out of bed every morning and has so before mobile phones were invented. There is simply no better way to wake up than to your beautiful voice singing “My Promise” softly to me. You and that song have been and still are an indelible part of my day and my life. I get out of bed and then keep my promises. Thanks Martha, I live in Melbourne Australia. Hi to the Guys, Keep Rockin’


    p.s. As I write this got “Take the L” pumping through the headphones. Yeah, brilliant song – life’s good!

  2. Hi Marty, It’s Bruiser with a Whisky Greeting- see you there on Sunday, looking forward to another wonderful night of live music. Space is being created in our future for something new to emerge.

  3. Hi Martha! I am so excited that you are coming back to Australia in November. I will see you at the first show @ Wests in Newcastle, NSW. Im hoping to get my paws on a copy of the orange vinyl Apocalypso, will you be bringing any merch for us to buy? Hope to catch up and say hi to you, and snatch a hug and an autograph. Take care Dawn (also lover and keeper of australian lizards/geckos)

      • Hi again Martha, I wanted to ask, do you have any orange vinyl of Apolcalypso still available for purchase? It would involve shipping to Australia.. obvliously happy to pay for shipping too…Take care, Dawn

  4. Made my day hearing from you! Still recall those great MTV videos from back in the early 80’s. Truly hope to see you here in the Pacific Northwest sometime soon and, if not, I am periodically in SoCal and Northern Cal on business (never thougth I’d say that! Lame eh?)and will catch the band there. Glad that you and the band are still touring….Keep on keepin’ on….Never thought the early 80’s would end. Sadly they did! Take care and safe travels. Jim

      • Hi Martha! I am so excited that you are coming back to Australia in November. I will see you at the first show @ Wests in Newcastle, NSW. Im hoping to get my paws on a copy of the orange vinyl Apocalypso, will you be bringing any merch for us to buy? Hope to catch up and say hi to you, and snatch a hug and an autograph. Take care Dawn (also lover and keeper of australian lizards/geckos)

  5. Hi Martha,

    I have only just discovered your music, but after a few listens I am hooked and have ordered several Motels albums… such a great new wave sound and very personal and poignant lyrics that have resonated with me already… I can see you becoming an important soundtrack to my life, as I am sure you have been to many other people.

    I was just wondering if you have an address, i.e. management or PR address that I could send the album sleeves to for you to sign for me?
    I live in the UK, and judging from your current tour schedule, you aren’t coming over here anytime soon so can’t ask you to do them in person.

    Many thanks,
    James, age 20, UK

    • Thank you so much James, it really means a lot to have response from a new generation… I will forward this to management and make sure we get the sleeves signed for you… hopefully next year we can get to Europe, I would love for you to come to a show. All the best…m.

  6. What about Vancouver BC, Bellingham WA or Seattle? Lots of fans here too 🙂 Would love to hear you play up here in the Pacific Northwest. Been a fan since ’82 and record/ cassette buyer back in the day :)… Yah…I am old guy! Hope to see you in our part of the world….JPD
    Keep doing what you’re doing. Great band and memories!!!

    • Thanks Jim sorry it’s taken me a little time to reply… soon, soon, soon, I’m a north westerner myself, we’re working on a lot right now, one of which is the very tour you’re speaking of… so hope to see you… soon! I’ll sign your cassette!! take care…m.

  7. Such a wonderful concert last night! Had a truly great time in Englewood, NJ with you and your band! Love the new songs and was introduced to some old ones I had never heard. Thank you so much and for being so sweet to take the time and take picutres and autograph our CDs! Diana V.

  8. The San Francisco show at the red devil lounge will stay with me forever, i cant stop playing my Apocalypso vinyl. Little Robbers vinyl is also in the daily rotation, I plan to have them all on vinyl. cant wait for the next S.F. Bay area show, we gotta get you in oakland next time.

    • Richie, commin back to the Devil… sorry about the fact it’s not Oakland… we’re also doing Walnut Creek, is that closer for you? I don’t have the dates in front of me, but it posted on the book of face, and also on the gig page here… I say that without checking… but I know my dudes… it’s there… thank you for your sweet words, it means a lot, see you soon…m.

    • hope you made it Neal… and I hope you had a good time and I signed all you needed signed… if not this time, we’ll be back… sorry it took so long to get back to you, all the best…m.

  9. Hi Martha I’m Chris I just got a copy of No Vacancy for my 24th Birthday and wow what a great voice as well as your great looks.Will you be performing in Maryland anytime soon?

  10. Hi Martha! How you doin dearie?! I am so glad to see you are still at it, and apparently, “rockin’ it” bigtime! Keep it up and keep the fire! You’re the best!

    Another (maybe kind of odd?) question, because I’ve always been curious about such things, is do you remember the experience of making the “Only the Lonely” video and what it was like? Tell me about your experience. 🙂

    • Hi Dan O, the experience of making Only the Lonely video was fantastic! it was the early days of MTV, and it was like the wild west, we all just went for it. We worked with a wonderful director Russell Mulcahy, and actually shot both Only the Lonely and Take the L videos in two or three days… oh the good old days! Take care…m.

  11. Martha,
    When are you coming to the Midwest…St. Louis to be exact. Would love to see you perform. Happy Mothers Day early. Hope all is well.

  12. Hello you lucky cougar, that’s what you said you were at the Coach House when I saw you over the April 6th weekend show. Anywho your music has everlasting impressions on my mind since back from 1982 many, many wonderful memories. The Hollywood PuNk music scene I was there & lived it with all the other bands around that banged up thier songs from 1979 to early 80’s have a terrific time on your tour. Alfred aka Bruiser

  13. Wonderfully written songs, crafty & seductive lyrics, no matter what the song. thankyou Martha for the high-school flash-back memories and the experiences of my youth, I’m almost 50 – but your music still outshines material of today – please come back to Australia. Take care. Simon

  14. Dear Martha, Thanks for a really great concert @ the Brixton! The best description I can think of that night is: Captivating! Can’t wait to see you again. Hopefully I will continue my sax lessons someday and join you? Wow!

  15. Martha, Your show at the Hollywood Bowl was outstanding. You are an amazing singer and performer. Thanks for a night to rememeber.

  16. Just got your cd Apocalypso and listening to it now at work. Thinking of flying our from PA to see the show at the Bowl?

  17. Hey M.
    Graduated in 1983 and have alot of great memories from highschool that include the Motels. Looking forward to the show in Visalia. See ya there .

  18. Dear Martha, I live in Houston, TX. Do you ever tour around here? I would really enjoy coming to see one of your shows. BTW,I left those cats back in Virginia and they’ve long since passed. Love, Donnie in TX

  19. Martha, the first record I bought was Shock from the dollar cutout bin. The album cover is what sold it for me, but when I heard Icy Red, I was hooked. I bought everything else I could lay my hands on. 🙂 Unfortunately those records are gone now because my cats got into my record closet, but recently I ignited the memories by getting No Vacancy: The Best of the Motels on CD. Thank you for making such good music. Music like yours is not made anymore. Love, Donnie in TX.

    • Donny, I’m so glad you found me in the bins… to be honest i spend a lot of time in thrift stores, looking for treasures, and am so glad you seem to treasure those old discs, even if the cats treasured them more… and probably in different ways… where are you? if we’re playing near you you should come… bring the cats…m.

  20. Hey Martha,
    I saw you and The Motels play in Brisbane, Australia, late in 1982. You were brilliant! Yours is still one of my fave bands even though I’m almost 50. Your evocative lyrics and penetrating voice are still among the best in all postwar music. You and Mazzy Star ahev so much in common, I feel. Please tour Australia again soon!

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