The Motels – Members

– Martha Davis (lead vocals, guitar)
– Marty Jourard (keyboards, sax)
– Nicholas Johns (bass)
– Clint Walsh (lead guitar)
– Eric Gardner (drums)


52 thoughts on “Band

  1. Props to you and your band for going to great lengths to make the show in Nashville last night. Many of my students at Belmont Univ are music business majors, I’m certainly planning to highlight your professionalism to them this fall. A breath of fresh air by today’s standards. And it goes without saying that the performance was tight! Thanks for a beautiful, albeit late, evening. Truly memorable.

  2. Martha, really enjoyed your show at the Ark last night in Ann Arbor, MI. Thank you for the experience! I know you are enjoying it too, and it shows. What a legacy you have been building since 1979; you must be very proud! Can’t wait for the new album. 🙂

  3. Hi Martha:
    Went to the City Winery Show in Chicago. Great show, loved it and had a blast.
    I forgot my Vinyl LPs at home and I wanted to get them autographed by you.

    Is there any way I could mail them to you sonyou cam sign them after the tour and send them back.

    Im oretty bummed out cause Inwas looking for them for a week and got them. I have 3 and never have prred ways with them, they are part of me. They have a lot of history with me.

    Went home and picked them up and when I was back you guys had already left.

    Id really appreaciate it a great deal. Have a great tour and hope to meet you soon.


  4. Great show Thursday at The Kate in CT. THANK YOU for the “Meet and Greet”! Everyone was great. Martha, you made my millenium: you are funny, warm, and articulate. Travel safely and enjoy the rest of the tour. I have no idea if this post will disappear into cyberspace; not quite sure what I’m doing. Ha! Just wanted to give kudos and tell you how special it was to shake your hand and compliment your awesome hair. 😀 Kim, New Haven Konnecticut

  5. I graduated from high school in San Diego in 1984. I played guitar in a band, we had a girl singer and we used to play some of your songs, they were the best years of my life. When I hear one of your songs, especially Only the Loney, it brings me back to those days. Thank you very much for all the wonderful music and great memories. Now I have kids and they like your music. God Bless.

  6. hi martha just wanted to let you know that “only the lonely” is one of the best songs i have ever heard. the combination of your beautiful singing voice with the motels” fantastic music makes it a true hit! “suddenly last summer” is equally great and deserves all recognition. i see by your tour dates that you never made it to illinois(if i read it right)-if you ever do–i’m there! thanks to you and the band for great tunes!

  7. Martha,

    I am listening watching the video “Suddenly Last Summer” and it bring back some great memories of my summer down the Jersey shore. This song always makes me feel good. Wishing you and your band the best!

  8. Would Love Love Love to see anthologyland reissued on vinyl. Please put “crazy” on the set list next time you’re in the S.F. Bay Area.

  9. Martha…I’m a long time fan. Seen you back in San Francisco in 1982 at a club on Broadway called Mabuhay Gardens. You were touring for the “All Four One” album. I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Ord. You made the show…One of the few concerts where I really felt the artists were playing just for me!! I love all your work, the early stuff i.e; “Motels” and “Careful” and have followed you through the years…I love your music style and your writing is sheer brilliance…Take care, God bless and Keep on rocking!! Love ya Princess!!

    Phil DuPont
    Fargo ND

    • You are so very kind! I am still at it, actually on a bit of a tear right now, lots going on… hopefully I will see you again out there on the road… take care…m.

  10. Martha!
    I’m a 26 yr old girl from Australia.
    I LOVE your music… I can’t explain the happiness I get with your songs.
    I discovered the motels in high school, and I stilll use it as my cheer up music.

    I know its a long shot.. But will you ever be coming to Australia…?
    Otherwise, I may have to make a trip for USA just to see you! =)

    Thank you – Thank you – so very much!!

  11. I’m so glad you are still writing and touring! Your songs bring back so many memories! I hope you find your way to Detroit soon, I would love to see you. A picture with you would be cool too!!! Thank you very much Martha! Have a great summer!

  12. Recently replaced my old “cassette” with a new (to me ) CD, CAREFUL and then ordered the LP on Amazon. So glad I did! Memories came flooding back…..I haven’t stopped listening to it …everyday for a couple weeks!
    Have always loved your music…… and lucky me, my son got me tickets to your show in Agoura tonight !!!!

    • ps… saw your show last night you rocked !!!! And I am sooooo lucky to have a son that still likes to hang with his mom and take her to a concert.
      Thank you for a wonderful night o music.

    • sorry it took so long to reply, thank you so much for your notes, sounds like you have a wonderful son, so glad you could make it and that you had a good time! see you soon? all the best…m.

  13. Wow, been awhile since i took the time machine back. You sound as good as ever. Brings back alot of great memories of being a young man. Thank you.

  14. I hope I can find a performance close to me, I saw you back in 1983 in Chico, CA as my first concert at 18. I had such a great time and will never forget it! I have always appreciated the music, lyrics and your voice, I just do not get the same feeling from todays bands. Thanks for the many years of music!

  15. I was just looking through the Essential Collection cd (a great compilation) and saw the inscription regarding Michelle Brooks and it sparked my curiosity…who is she?

  16. Martha, just wanted to say the your video, Only The Lonley, was my favorite video of the 1980s. I just happened to catch it on You Tube and decided to look up the band and I found your website.

  17. Dear Ms Davis,
    listening to your Essential Collection for the 100th time perhaps, quel talent! Funny how some music will never age and will bring back memories!
    Bought your first album in 1981 when I started “college”, or Highschool in the US, and I remember being a fan with this gorgeous guy Sascha who had just spent a year abroad in Southern Cal, listening to Porn Reggae… Later in 1987 I bought your solo album while spending a week in Paris, my capital, and listening to your voice on the lent flat’s record player! St. Germain-des-Prés will always be associated with your voice, ain’t this funny?
    Bravo, et merci pour ces mélodies qui rythment la vie!

    • Thank you so much Henry, you’re making me miss Paris! It’s been forever since I was there, but maybe this year will be different! There is a possibility of coming to Europe this year… I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for your wonderful note, maybe I’ll see you there! …m.

  18. “The Days are OK, But the Nights Were Made for Love” came up on my ipod the other day. I had to hit repeat a couple of times, but that’s the way it always is with Motels songs, Martha you and the band played such a significant part in my college years, and your music just transports me back. I always loved your voice and lyrics & that music means so much to me. Just wanted to let you know that and I wanted to say Thank You!

    • Thank you for your very kind note, sorry I didn’t get to you back sooner. So glad that we could have a small part to play in your “college years”… Hopefully we will play somewhere near you, and you can come out and revisit some old songs. all the best, see you soon…m.

  19. Hi Martha,
    Thanks so much for performing in smoldering Visalia this past weekend. You are one of the few but elite artists that really pour their soul into their vocals and it really came through, even though you played such an intimate venue. Very few singers can still hit the notes they reached 25 years ago! Budweiser did a lousy job of promoting the concert (thereby guaranteeing we’ll never get you back), but as a true pro you still delivered an amazing show! Thanks again and hopefully in the future, I’ll catch you performing a full set instead of short set/festival. Good luck on the rest of your tour!

  20. Hi Martha,
    I saw you perform at the Viper Room several years ago. Just you and a guitarist. You played Only The Lonely. Such a beautiful song. You connected that night. Everyone in the room just stopped and was mesmerized by your performance. Thanks for that memory. Glad you’re out there still killin it.

  21. Hi Martha!!! Wow!! LOVE your voice!! Always have…you ROCK!!! And so do — of course — The Motels!! Such awesome songs and memories to go with them! 🙂

  22. Martha,
    “suddenly” ( I mean suddenly) “last summer” came on the radio this morning and I remember how pretty this song is. You have a wonderful voice and I know my day will be better because of it…….rich

  23. Dear Ms. Davis:

    I’m previewing The Motels’ appearance at the Canyon Club in late July for the Ventura County Reporter – might you be available for an interview? You can delete this message as soon – I suspect this is a more direct way to reach you than your booking agency!


    David Cotner

  24. hey martha I see you’re cleaning house with the website. hope you’re doing well. any word about the jazz cd? i love mr. grey. have fun on your touring … hope you can swing by to el paso or atleast albuquerque (only 3 hrs north of me). a big hug, alan

  25. thankyouthankyouthankyou….i own every cd you released…solo and with the motels and i know every song on every cd word for word…you are a brilliant songwriter…thank you so much for responding to me…i can’t wait to have a copy of “this” in my hands…i’m sure it’s as brilliant as all your other cd’s….i have not had the pleasure of seeing you perform live but if you ever get to the boston area i will be there….you rock!

  26. hello martha….i am such a huge fan…your cd “shock” is my bible…i bought it the day it came out and i swear i still listen to it constantly…your songwriting and your music has made such a difference in my life…thank you…now if i could only get my hands on a copy of “this” and i would be set…it’s been a little hard to find on cd for some reason… tony

    • thank Tony, I’m going to try and set up a new store, maybe not on this site but I’ll have a link… we’ll get you a copy of “THIS” one way or the other, thanks so much for your support…m.

      • hello martha…not sure if you remember me but you mailed me a copy of “this” and “a beautiful life” and you told me to email you back to let you know what i thought about a beautiful life… we even talked about the frog in your basement..i lost your email address so that’s why i never wrote back

      • hey Tony good to hear from you, hope you enjoyed the CD’s… red frog has been released into the wild… seemed better than a basement, all the best…m.

  27. sorry martha..i like your old web with pic and your music on the side;]….old fan in mass,,usa,, vin,,,thank you again for just being you

    • Hi Vincent< thanks for the note… I am going to gussy up this site, I'm just learning all this stuff… before this all I could do was email. give it a little time… I will figure it out. the other site was very hard to deal with, hopefully this will allow me to me more interactive…

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